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Inspired Child Community is a 501c3 Non profit arts service organization, our mission is to provide comprehensive support, resources, advocacy, and community for Black artists, addressing both their basic needs and artistic aspirations. We strive to create opportunities for holistic wellness and support, recognizing that nurturing the well-being of artists unleashes their creative power and maximizes their impact on society.

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Belonging: We believe that every Black artist, regardless of intersecting identities or challenges, deserves a nurturing and supportive community where they are valued and embraced.


Creativity: We prioritize creativity as a fundamental aspect of artistic practice, fostering self-expression, personal growth, and innovation.


Wellness: We prioritize mental and physical wellness, providing resources and support to ensure the holistic well-being of Black artists.


Accessibility: We are committed to increasing accessibility within the Black artist community, dismantling barriers, and expanding access to the arts for all members of the Black community.


Collaboration: We encourage collaboration and networking among Black artists, fostering a sense of liberation, empowerment, and mutual support.


Advocacy: We advocate for policies and practices that promote equity and accessibility in the arts, working towards systemic change and dismantling barriers to participation and success.


Community: We foster a sense of community among Black artists, providing opportunities for connection, dialogue, and collective visioning.


Through these values, we aim to create a thriving ecosystem that celebrates and uplifts the voices and talents of Black artists, contributing to a more equitable artistic landscape.

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